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The Whale Interpretive Centre is located in a renovated historical site (the "Old Freight Shed") in Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island. Telegraph Cove, British Columbia is a very picturesque, historical boardwalk community. It is highly frequented by international, maritime and local community visitors due to its unique aesthetics, fishing and wildlife watching. The prime location of the Whale Interpretive Centre is key to its success  as it allows exposure to an established and very wide audience.


Visitor Hours
Open May – September, everyday 

9:00 am – 5:00 pm, 
with extended hours in July and August. 
 Please check our (May - September)

Outside of this period, the Centre will be open by appointment and be available for school tours.


The Whale Interpretive Centre operates entirely on donations from the public. These donations are used to fund some of the many projects, including the articulation of the 60 ft. Fin Whale.
$5.00 per adult, $3.00 for children


About Us

  • The atmosphere of the WIC is informal and highly interactive.
  • Visitors are able to:
  • • view an invertebrate Aquarium 
  • • enjoy a "kids corner" of activities
  • • have easy access to the interpreters
  • • view marine education videos and presentations
  • • view articulated skeletons and further displays (baleen, invertebrate, plankton, whaling artifacts)
Exhibits include:

• Skeletons of a: killer whale, river otter, sea otter, Pacific 
white-sided dolphin, Dall's porpoise, harbour seal, bald eagle, Steller sea lion, - displays highlight contrasts between species and species adaptations.
• The suspended skeleton of a ship-struck fin whale (2nd largest animal species to ever have lived).
• An interactive setting in which works in progress include: a pygmy sperm whale and a juvenile harbour porpoise
• Testimony to the work of Dr. Michael Bigg and the importance of the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve .
• Skulls of sea lions, bears, sperm whale, and a multitude of baleen whales.
• Further amazing artifacts such as blue whale jaw, whale lice, ear ossicles, whale teeth and a variety of samples of baleen.
• Children's games and experiments to illuminate marine mammal adaptations.... and so much more!

These displays will allow visitors to gain an understanding of marine mammal adaptations and stresses within their environment (e.g. why marine noise may be more disruptive to toothed whales and why baleen whales may be more subject to entanglement and ship strikes). The Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago areas are very much in need of continued education due to these areas being renowned for marine mammal diversity and abundance.

The Centre will offer community slide shows that feature the listed species and other local marine mammals. The presentations address local and global habitat stewardship issues, but also help the public to identify different marine mammals and their role within the ecosystem.



Driving Times 

Driving time to Telegraph Cove via Highway 19 is approximately.
Telegraph Cove is only 11 kilometers from Hwy.19 via the Beaver Cove Road.
• 20 minutes from Port McNeill
• 1 hour from Port Hardy
• 2.0-2.5 hours from Campbell River
• 3.5-4 hours from Nanaimo


Contact Us
Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre Society
P.O. Box 2-3
Telegraph Cove, BC
Canada V0N 3J0
Telephone: (250)-928-3129 (mid-May to October) or (250) 928-3187 (October to mid-May)

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WIC Directors - 2017

Jim Borrowman - President 
Jim has been collecting marine mammal skeletons for over 35 years and his collection was the foundation of the WIC's accumulation of skeletons.

Marie Fournier - Vice President
Marie is a marine biologist and currently manager of the Warden program at Robson Bight.

Dr. John Ford - Director
John is the head of cetacean research for the West of Canada with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Lance Barrett-Lennard - Director
Lance is the head of marine mammal research at the Vancouver Aquarium and has been a director for many years.

Mary Borrowman - Director / treasurer 
Mary is co-owner of Orcella Expeditions and treasurer for the WIC

Robin Taylor - Director / secretary
Robin was the first BC Parks contract Warden for the Dr. Michael Bigg Ecological Reserve at Robson Bight and is a charter director.

Dave Hunter - Director
Dave was the Society's first president and a former IBM software specialist.

Marie Fournier  - Director
Marie is a marine biologist and currently manager of the Warden program at Robson Bight.

Brian Clarkson - Director
Brian is the newest of our directors and a resident of Telegraph Cove.  Brian specialty is web design and digital marketing and google partner.

Louisa Bates Clarke - Director
Louisa is also not only a new director but a new mom.  She has lived on the North Island her whole life and was a former employee for many years of the WIC.  

Gordie Graham - Director
Gordie is the owner / operator with his wife Marilyn of Telegraph Cove Resorts.  He generously donates the building to house the Whale Interpretive Centre.

Steve Emery - Director
Steve and his wife Louise are owner / operators of North Island Kayak.  Steve is one of our new directors and we look forward to his fresh input.

Robin Abernethy - Director
Robin started her career in marine biology as a naturalist with Stubbs Island Whale Watching in the early 2000's.  She has worked her way into a position with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and is in charge of a fin whale study with DFO Nanaimo.
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