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WIC Educational Programmes

The Whale Interpretive Centre offers tours and educational programmes to suit B.C. prescribed learning outcomes for groups ranging from Kindergarten to Grate 9.

Programme details:from 45min to half a day, available from early May to late September.

Objectives:use artifacts of the Whale Interpretive Centre and interactive programming to relay bio-diversity, adaptations, research and conservation issues of marine life in the Pacific Northwest.

Programme examples:

Description/B.C. Learning outcomes
Rescue of Nanoose!
• Learning about our local marine life through storytelling.
• Describing features and basic needs of plants and animals, and how these are met in environments.
• Classify familiar animals.
Super Salmon!

• Showing how salmon are interconnected within British Columbia’s ecosystem.
• Habitats and communities, structures and behaviours of local animals and plants • construct & explain simple food chains
• describe in detail how to show respect for environment, positive effects on environment

Project Change-makers
4 to 6
• An interactive exploration of the threats facing marine life on the B.C. Coast and what students can do to help conserve them.
• Science: Analyse how BC's living and non-living resources are used and describe potential environmental impacts of using them.
• Social Science: explain why sustainability is important   
• Social Science: Critical thinking skills, gathering. information, creating a presentation and implementing a plan of action.
Amazing adaptations
6 & 7
• Using skeletons and props in the museum we explore how marine mammals have adapted to their environments.
• Life Science: Assess survival needs and interactions between organisms and environment.
• Assess requirements for sustaining healthy ecosystems, evaluate human impacts on local ecoystems.
Humpbacks to Killer Whales
All ages
• Tour of the museum from the perspective of a killer whale and a humpback whale.

Note:All programmes can be adapted to suit a wider age group. 

Instructors:Our interpreters are undergraduate and graduate students in Biology and related fields.

Registration Detail• $10 + GST per child. Our fee is a donation to the Whale Interpretive Centre. Minimum participants: 10, maximum participants: 35.

LocationTelegraph Cove, Northern Vancouver Island, BC. Telegraph Cove is a 4-hour drive north of Nanaimo, 2.5 hours north of Campbell River, 30min from Port McNeill and 60min from Port Hardy on Highway 19.

Contact Us
The Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre Society

Telephone: (250) 928-3129 (mid-May to October) 

or (250) 928-3187 (October to Mid-May)

E-mail: or (October to mid-May)

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